Scarves: A must-have for fall weather

A scarf is an essential evening accessory in the fall, especially in the city and the countryside. Light, thinly knitted scarves keep you warm from the fall breeze without weighing down your outfit.

For any day or evening event, you can choose a handmade Finecraft scarf to keep you warm and stylish in the fall.

Finecraft recommends multi-color or single-color scarves with sequins for a light but radiant look. Hand knit pashminas and scarfs are the go-to accessory for any night out.


fall scarf


Take a look at our latest scarf collection suitable for fall and winter weather to discover the scarf of your dreams. You’ll surely find a scarf with the pattern, color and feel you want.

Summer-y timeless hues like aqua, turquoise, vert amande, siel, pink, yellow, and orange are but a few of the most popular fall color trends. From the deepest ocean blue to the emerald green of the Meditteranean coasts, Finecraft scarves will add a note of color to your minimal fall outfits.



Evening Pashimnas: Play with color and texture for a unique look


A bold color combination or a milder color choice can effortlessly complement any outfit and result in a elegant look.
Our complete scarf range offers you a plethora of choices in terms of patterns, colors and fabrics to choose from. Update your accessory collection with a timeless, unique accessory.

Shades of grey and beige; ice and sand, earth and stone hues will subtly enhance your sleek tone sur tone single-color look. Enjoy a balanced, classy look.


Evening Scarves & Pashminas for every special moments


Breezy, light pashminas hand knit with quality cotton can complement any look, formal or casual. At Finecraft you’ll discover a number of handmade, unique scarves knitted with care, love and great attention to detail.


Wrap up in a Finecraft scarf and be cold-weater ready


Scarves are a must-have fall accessory that keeps you warm and elegant throughout the day. Wrapping a fall scarf around shoulders or tieing it into a chic loop-n-through or a back-drape will transform any look with its subtle elegance.



Make yourself stand out with a handmade scarf


At Finecraft we can create a custom fall scarf for you. Let us know the size, color, fabrics and textures of your dream scarf and we’ll hand knit it for you – just the way you want it.

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