Handmade Winter Scarves Complement Every Look & Outfit

Women’s scarves made with muslin, silk, linen and cotton are widely preferred. However, if you want to stand out, choose a handmade scarf or shawl. At Finecraft, we travel around the world to find fine quality yarns. Using our creativity we hand knit exquisite handmade accessories that transcend the seasons and trends.


Handmade scarves for a warm, cozy fall

κασμιρενια πασμινα

Our handmade scarves are knit with Egyptian cotton. These scarves pamper your skin with their soft, luxurious touch, while unique color combinations offer an elegant note to your style day and night.


A large collection of imaginative color combinations make it possible for you to find the most suitable scarf for you. Discover handmade scarves in popular and unique combinations that will surely draw others’ attention. You’ll find a comphrehensive range of colors, patterns and yarn blends among which to choose the handmade scarf to transform your look with its versatility and uniqueness.

How to tie a handmade scarf

Finecraft scarves are long and narrow, like an oblong ribbon. Its shape lets you wear it in many ways around your neck, shoulders and back. On our website you will discover many classic and unique ways to tie your handmade scarf. There are no rules, you can wear your scarf anyway that complements your outfit or feels flattening to you!


χειροποιητο κασκολ

Wrapped or tied around your neck, a scarf adds a fun, boho note to your look. A unique styling that mixes western and easter traditions has many women wearing their scarves as turbans. But that’s not all, you can wear your scarf with both casual and formal outfits as it’s one of the most versatile accessories you will ever own!


Our fall and winter scarves are made in Greece from experienced Greek artisans that have mastered the art of knitting. Our handmade scarves are a must-have accessory this winter. They complement any look and express your unique fashion sense.

Have a look at our collection from hand knit scarves and rejuvanate your mood and style today!

You can also ask us for a custom made scarf, just the way you want it. Let us know the color, size and length of your scarf and we’ll hand knit it especially for you.


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